The 2014 Golden Games is scheduled for May 16th-18th, 2014.  Registration is now open for all 2014 events.  We look forward to seeing you there.  TGG is an "Official Training Event" for the "GoPro Mountain Games" in Vail, CO June 5th-8th, 2014.

Some great press for all of last year's events at The 3rd Annual Golden Games, here's a link to a few of them:

The Denver Post article by Jason Blevins

Photos from the Denver Post Photographer

TGG mentioned in an article about the surge of SUP events this year in Colorado

Front cover article in the Golden Transcript

 2014 Golden Games
May 16th-18th, 2014
Golden, Colorado

  • Competitions in: Kayaking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, Fly Fishing, Rafting and Slack Lining Clinics/Demos.
Everyone can compete and participate in all events

Spectators are welcome at each event and all events are in or around Golden.

Special events include: Slack Line "Sick Trick" Competition, Downtown Pub Crawl, How to Clinics, and Product Demos.

Results for The 3rd Annual Golden Games May 17-19, 2013 all Races/Categories

Men's Results Screaming 1/4 Mile Race:


1st: Leif Anderson               3.04
2nd: Peter Kabzan               3.05
3rd: Bock Crockett               3.07
4th: Josh Oberleas               3.08
5th: Dominic Tonozzi           3.12
5th: Ken Wealty                   3.12
6th: Brian Horan                  3.15
7th: Josh Serna                    3.20
7th: David Hajoglou “Hojo”   3.20
8th Pete Bellande                 3.23
9th: Patrick Phinney             3.24
9th: Cassidy Strode              3.24
10th: Daniwel Glauser          3.25
10th: Paul Kelly                   3.25
11th: Henry Hyde                3.28
12th: Cameron Moore         3.34
13th: Nicholas Martin          3.36
14th: Mark Egge                 3.28

Women's Results Screaming 1/4 Mile Race"

Competitor        Time:

1st: Natalie Anderson   3.20

2nd Hailey Whitmer      3.29

3rd: Kate Sanford        3.56

Freestyle Kayaking Competition Results:

Men’s Results:

1st: Pablo Miranda

2nd: Leif Anderson

3rd: Peter Kabzan

4th: Chino

5th: Frankie

6th: Daniel Glauser

7th: Josh Oberleas

8th: Jeff Lane

9th: Paul Kubala

10th: Nico Tonozzi


Women’s Results:

1st: Natalie Anderson

2nd: Natalie Heald

3rd: Beth McVay



MEN’S NAME:            TIME

1ST: JOHN BRIDENBAUGH                 1:28
2ND: SCOTT POWERS                       1:34
3RD: CHINO MENDOZA                    1:35
4TH: PETER HALL                            1:36
5TH: FRANKIE BLOCK                       1:43
6TH: BRADLEY HILTON                    1:49
7TH: ALEX ALBERS                          2:08
8TH: BEN SHULTZ                           2:09
9TH: WEST SHIRLEY                         2:21
10: HENRY MAUER                           2:26

Men's SUP Flat Water Results

Competitor name: TIME:
1ST: Scott Powers                           35:21
2nd: Bradley Hilton                          35:29
3rd: Scott Cummins                         36:15
4th: Frank Bryan                              36:45
5th: Henry Mauer                             38:00
6th: Ben Shultz                                 38:02
7th: Ramon Agbunag                         39:03
8th: Gus Pernetz                                42:35
9th: Greg Alvarado                             44:20
10th: Jon Strother                              44:45
11th: Jim Heun                                  47:20
Ray D’Ardenne                                     DNF
Brian Hunter                                        DNF

Results The Golden Games 2013 Fly Fishing Competition

Top 10 finishers
1. Jeremy Sides
2. Jeff Wagner
3. Dustin Harcourt
4. Randy Hanner
5. Brett Wamsley
6. Tyler Tasci
7. Leo Slattery
8. Neil Laskowski
9. Michael Pukas
10. Caleb VanWagner

The 2014 Golden Games are scheduled for, Friday, May 16th through Sunday, May 18th, 2014

Mission Statement:  The Golden Games will continuously seek to bring together a wide variety of communities to celebrate outdoor adventure sports through competition, music, entertainment, and lifestyle.

For Results from 2011, 2012 and 2013 please search for "RESULTS" in the "Search This Site" window.  Please also see our "Photo Gallery" for more pictures from this year's events!  More to come soon!